Manoribel Beach Resort photo gallery

A visual tour of Manoribel beach resort capturing all the resort facilities and a glimpse of the serene Manori beach. I travelled to Manori in the month of January with my family for a short 3 day weekend getaway. Check out my in-depth Manoribel Beach Resort review if you are interested in a more textual

Manoribel Beach Resort (Manori) review

Manoribel, a beautiful beach resort at Manori Island near Malad serves as an ideal weekend getaway for Mumbai people. I went there with my family for a short 3 day trip and was thoroughly relaxed. Check out my Manoribel photo gallery if you are interested in more pictures from the resort.

Switching to new web host – Hostgator

Hurray..!! we have moved to a new website hosting provider. We have been managing all our blogs on Eleven2 (previous Sharkspace) servers and now moved to HostGator. With increased focus towards mobile apps business, we are going to launch apps with end-to-end solutions. This would require us to create and manage more websites. As a

How big is United States part time business Economy?

Harris Interactive conducted a study commissioned by the Internet Association to find out how much impact does part time business have on the overall US Economy. It gives interesting findings on how people are embracing internet power to substitute or complement their full time job.   Here are few excerpts from the study: 1. Internet

15 killer tips to get more time out for freelancing

When you start working online, pretty soon you will find there’s a lot of work to do. If you are just starting out, chances are you have to juggle between your daily job and freelancing activities. Efficient usage of time is a critical requirement for any freelancing career.

List of State Tourism websites in India

Check out State Tourism websites in India which offers frugally managed resorts at prime locations and have rates which are very pocket friendly.

Awesome Ads: Colgate Dental Floss

Colgate has come up with a very ingenious advertising campaign for their Dental floss product. Take a look at the ad images below and say what you notice:

7 Signs which tell you are on board a long distance train in India

  Travelling via train across India is always an entertaining option. Every journey, whether alone or with family always provide an unique experience to cherish. Here are 7 signs which will tell you are in a long distance Indian train. Enjoy with a pinch of salt.

Bill Gates the most powerful technology person in the world–Forbes

Forbes’s recently released Most Powerful people of the world puts Bill Gates at the 4th position behind just US president Barack Obama, German Chancellor Angela Merkel and Russia president Vladimir Putin.

Happy go lucky StarChazer’s perception

I attended a training session on interpersonal skills from a local instructor last week. We were a group of about 12 people from different background. In order to keep things interested, the instructor kept creating short exercises for us.

What happens when Chuck Norris plays Super Mario Bros.

What happens when some one like Chuck Norris would play in Super Mario Bros. Will the Mushroom Kingdom be a match for his brute strength? Will he be able to rescue princess Toadstool?

NASA spacecraft Orion into orbit (animated video)

Full Werks studio created an animated video showing NASA spacecraft into orbit. NASA have pushed back the test flight to 2014 for the spacecraft. The animation features sound clips from the original Apollo mission.