15 killer tips to get more time out for freelancing

When you start working online, pretty soon you will find there’s a lot of work to do. If you are just starting out, chances are you have to juggle between your daily job and freelancing activities. Efficient usage of time is a critical requirement for any freelancing career.

save time 15 killer tips to get more time out for freelancing

Although over working self might seem like the best alternative, you should avoid doing it. The best approach is to retain your work life balance and be more productive during work hours, both for freelancing and for daily job. With that in mind, let’s see different ways in which you can get more time for productive work.

  1. Avoid rush hour traffic. Try a different time slot for work which is an hour or two early. Doing so you can save up to an hour or more everyday of your travel time.
  2. Cut down extended lunch and coffee breaks at work. This is a matter of personal preference but reducing each break by 5 minutes will mean extra half hour gain every day.
  3. Use travel time to do reading on your mobile. Mobile phones are super cheap nowadays and comes with screen size in excess of 4 inch making it a decent reading device when using public transport.
  4. Negotiate remote workdays once a week. It will help cut down the travel time and give freedom to work simultaneously on your alternate career provided you can multi task well.
  5. Switch to a role which requires 5 days work a week (Mondays to Fridays). Dedicate Saturdays to freelancing career and Sunday for relaxing.
  6. Use your designated sick days optimally, but not at the expense of your health.
  7. If you are allowed to work on your personal stuff during free time at work, make user of this opportunity.
  8. Use your holiday allowance.
  9. Prioritize your activities. There’s only so much you can do within a day. Ensure you don’t get bog down with mundane tasks.
  10. Keep your focus on the key deliverable. Stop checking your email and social media feeds every 15 minutes.
  11. Remove anything that is stopping you from achieving your goal. If you spend way too much time on surfing or chatting, try to minimize the time spent on it.
  12. Wake up an hour early. The mind is fresh and you can get the most productive output in this hour.
  13. Try trimming down your TV hours during weekends.
  14. Use RescueTime to be more efficient.
  15. Finally, if things are going well, consider switching to a part time job.

It’s your time now. Share what you do to get more time out for productive work via comments.


Jayant is an IT graduate and MBA in Finance. He spends his spare time blogging on topics related to Technology, Graphics and Web Designing. You can get in touch with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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