A new venture + an old muse = time well spend

Back in 2008-2009, I was actively blogging and taking up web designing and SEO assignments during weekends. It was fun, had lots of learning involved and was far too productive than my other interest which included having marathon movie sessions.


Then, I got busy moving into new house, setting up the furniture, other stuffs and most importantly got married. This kept me away from my blogging and web designing activities for quite some time. Negligence cost me a lot. At least I could have savor my website in stagnant state by keeping the hosting package alive. I lost lot of content from my active sites Smartonlinetips.com, Smartblogtips.com, Stumbledigg.com and Thinkjayant.com.


The journey back

Now that I have been able to accommodate some time out, I have started to look back at my passion. With nothing to lose, I began hunting down my old hard drives for any backups available. I was able to restore some content from a backup for my Smartblogtips.com website. It is close to 120 odd articles and is still serving good information for its viewers. I hosted them back and are available for all to consume. The other sites for now are just domain placeholders for now.

smart blog tips A new venture + an old muse = time well spend

I will spend some time chalk out a plan. Also, need to figure out what to do with the remaining domain names. Do I really want to use the same domains or some other ones which would better align with my current plans. This might take some time which I am willing to provide. Just want to make sure I have a persistent plan ready for my blogging endeavors.


Jayant is an IT graduate and MBA in Finance. He spends his spare time blogging on topics related to Technology, Graphics and Web Designing. You can get in touch with him on Facebook or Twitter.

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